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Production Advantage, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why can't I order everything in your Price List pages from your online store?

A. We're starting with limited product offerings. Items such as touring racks and custom soft goods will always require a phone call. If you don't find what you're looking for, please call us at 800-424-9991. We want to be sure that we get you exactly what you are looking for!

Q. What are your upcoming holiday closing days?

  • Presidents Day, Monday, February 16, 2015
  • Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2015
  • Independence Day, Friday, July 3, 2015
  • Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2015
  • Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Thursday-Friday, November 27-28, 2014
  • Christmas Day, Thursday, December 25, 2014

Q. Does Production Advantage, Inc. handle rentals or used gear?

A. No. Our staff is focused on getting our customers the best new equipment and supplies when they need it, at a reasonable price.

Q. What is Production Advantage, Inc.'s returns policy?

A. No returns or refunds on custom or special-order items. All returns must be authorized in advance by Production Advantage, Inc. Requests for return must be made within 30 days of purchase. Items returned without a valid RMA number clearly displayed on the exterior of the package cannot be accepted. Returns for credit, if approved, may be subject to a restocking fee. Items must be returned by a traceable method and in resalable condition as determined by Production Advantage, Inc. All freight charges on returned merchandise must be prepaid. Credit will be issued upon receipt and inspection of merchandise. No return will be accepted if more than 30 days has elapsed since issuance of the RMA.

For more info on our policies go to the Terms & Conditions page.

Q. Why isn't there a copy of my invoice in my package?

A. Your invoice is mailed to your billing address. Most of our customers are businesses and they have asked us to follow this procedure. If you need a copy of your invoice or would like to receive it via email, just give us a call and let us know. We'll be happy to do that for you.

Q. Can an FEL 1000w lamp be used in an Altman 360Q? If not, what are my options?

A. An FEL lamp does fit in the TP-220 socket of a 360Q, but it is not recommended as the 360Q is only rated for 750w. The lamps specified by Altman for pre-super reflector 360Q's are the EHF 750w, the EHG 750w, and the EHD 500w. The new super reflector was designed to be used with an HP600 600w 115v lamp.

Q. Why do my lamps blow for no apparent reason, and what can I do to prevent it?

A. Lamps can burn out or "blow" for a number of different reasons. Some of these include:

  • spikes in or high (>120vac) line voltage to the fixture,
  • focusing or vibrating fixtures that are lit at more than 50%,
  • touching the glass envelope of a lamp with bare fingers,
  • bad socket or improperly seated lamp causing arcing between the contacts and the lamp base,
  • and sometimes there is simply a bad run of lamps, though this last one happens very infrequently.

To avoid problems with your lamps, handle them as if they are an investment rather than simply a household bulb. Don't touch the lamps with bare fingers or greasy gloves. Avoid shocking, jarring motions in or out of a fixture. Check your line voltage to make sure it's steady and within a safe range. And lastly, keep your equipment in the best shape you can. Proper upkeep of your equipment and diligent work habits can increase the life of your lamps.

Q. How did you come up with the shipping charge for my order?

A. Shipping charges are based on weight, overall dimensions, shipping zone, declared value, and method shipped. These are determined using the prevailing service rates for FedEx, UPS or whomever the carrier may be. In some cases there is a distributor handling fee added.

Q. Does Production Advantage, Inc. ship via the US Postal Service?

A. We do not use USPS for shipping. USPS offers limited tools for tracking shipments through to completion or finding lost shipments; the USPS doesn't provide nifty software to help facilitate shipping as do FedEx and UPS. We want to minimize your costs, and your uncertainty! Here is a list of some of the more common carriers that we use.

  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • United Parcel Service (UPS)

Q. Does Production Advantage, Inc. ship internationally?

A. The quick answer to this question is yes, we do ship internationally. However, because of the time involved in processing an international order, we have implemented a US$1,000.00 minimum for all orders shipping outside the United States, its territories, and Canada, as well as a 25% documentation fee. That means that on a US$1,000.00 order there would be a US$250.00 surcharge, in addition to the cost of shipping.

We ship exclusively to the United States, its territories, and Canada. With that being said, we can process international orders but a U.S.-based freight forwarder must be used. Freight forwarders specialize in processing customs paperwork and goods transport for international shipments and can prove to be invaluable when you have that gig overseas that must have their tape on time.

Q. Will you ship web orders internationally?

A. Sorry! Domestic shipments only, please.

Q. Can I use a Purchase Order to order on your eCommerce site?

A. We are limiting online orders to credit card or purchasing card payment for now. Customers with open accounts can set up orders using the online Wish List function and then call when convenient with a purchase order. One of our Sales Folks can confirm the details at that time. In fact, you can enter an order using the shopping cart and if you want to use a PO, have any questions about items on the order or want to check delivery time, just stop where you are and give us a call. We'll help you complete the order right then and there. What if we're closed? Enter your order or Wish List items and logout anytime before the order is submitted. Your cart or Wish List will not expire for the next seven days.

Q. Can I look up my past orders and reorder items from them?

A. Yes, please do!

Q. How do I change my password?

A. When you visit the new Production Advantage website, click on the Your Account link near the top of the page. This will take you to the Returning Customer Login. You can log on and change your password here. Please call for assistance if you have any problems.

Q. Can I set up an open account?

A. Open account terms are generally reserved for companies or individuals who can commit to purchasing upwards of $1,000.00 in a single year on a regular basis. We simply need our account application to be filled out as completely as possible and returned to us. The application process takes about two to four weeks.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. Production Advantage, Inc. is open Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 6:00PM Eastern Time.

Q. What does the word "Gobo" mean?

A. A gobo is a metal cutout used in an Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight to project an image. They are also called templates and patterns. The origin of the word "GOBO" is as an acronym for Goes Before Optics.

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